How to find us?

Tel. +972 3 6958 685
Fax +972 3 6958 691


Created: 2014.10.08 / Updated: 2020.01.15 15:44

In order to register for an appointment, please use electronic registration system:

  • To register for citizenship and passports of the Republic of Lithuania, civil status act (marriage, divorce, birth, death) registration issues please take and confirm 1 (one) 30 min. time slot for each applicant or application*.
  • To apply for notarial duties and consular certificates, please take and confirm 1 (one) 30 min. time slot for each applicant*.
  • To register  for submission of documents for Schengen Visa or National Visa to Lithuania only, please take and confirm 1 (one) 30 min. time slot for an applicant*.

*: After the registration, please check your e-mail and follow the link in order to confirm the appointment. Failing to do so within 30 minutes will result in cancellation of your reservation slot.

For any other consular issues, please contact the Embassy by phone +972 3 695 8685 or e-mail [email protected]

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