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This year marks the 75th anniversary of the liquidation of the Vilnius Ghetto on 23 of September, 1943.

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On June 28 the city of Tel Aviv was taken over by its annual celebration White Night. Each year it attracts thousands of people to the streets, where they can enjoy various events, exhibitions, concerts and street performances. One of these events - a special European initiative “Performance Europa”.

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On May 29, one of the most important Israeli theaters Gesher which together with Tel Aviv-Yafo municipality is organizing the annual international performing arts festival „Jaffa Fest“, treated its audience with an evening of the Lithuanian music. During this concert, eight extraordinary musicians from Lithuania performed the creations by composer and recipient of the Lithuanian National Arts and Culture Award Faustas Latėnas.

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Yesterday, Vilnius municipal choir "Jauna Muzika", led by conductor and composer Vaclovas Augustinas, performed in one of the main concert halls in Israel  - Heichal Hatarbut, in its beautiful Zucker hall.

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The Association of Jews from Vilnius and Vicinity “Beit Vilna“ in Tel Aviv hosted a presentation of the bilingual publication of the “Vilna Ghetto Diary” by Yitzchak Rudashevski. This project, initiated by the Lithuanian literature and folklore institute and Lithuanian Jewish Community, and implemented together with “Beit Vilna” and Lithuanian embassy in Israel, attracted many curious listeners – those who had a personal connection to Vilnius and its painful 20th century history, and those who were interested in this unique document in Yiddish, written by a talented young boy.

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Vilnius University initiative "Recovering Memory" has started in 2016 and its goal has been to commemorate and honor the members of the community of Vilnius University, students and employees, who were expelled due to various historical events, especially due to totalitarian regimes or local collaborators fault, and thus were stripped of the opportunity to finish their degrees, continue research or teaching. To those who could not attend the ceremony on  April 13 in Vilnius, Rector granted the diplomas during his visit to Israel in a special ceremony at the Embassy of Lithuania. On May 2 the university honored former students and research fellows: Izaokas Sadovas (1916–1941), Judita Ščerbakovaitė (1914–1994) and Ošeris Valdšteinas (1912–1941).

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Ambassador Edminas Bagdonas together with diplomatic corps took part at the celebration of Israel Independence Day in the residence of President of Israel H.E.Reuven Rivlin. During the event President of Israel H.E. Reuven Rivlin and Prime Minister H.E.Benyamin Netanyahu addressed the diplomatic corps. 

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On April 11 ambassador Edminas Bagdonas participated at the official Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremony in Yad Vashem. President of State of Israel H.E. Reuven Rivlin and Prime Minister H.E. Benyamin Netanyahu delivered speeches at that event.  

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Today, on Holocaust Remembrance Day, a siren was heard for two minutes throughout Israel to honor the memories of 6 million Jews murdered by the Nazis and their collaborators. The Embassy of Lithuania stood in Ramat Gan street as all traffic came to a stop and people stood in silence. More than 200 thousands of Lithuanian Jews were killed the Holocaust in Lithuania.

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O the occasion of Holocaust Memorial Day, ambassador of Lithuania Edminas Bagdonas together with ambassadors of Sweden and Belgium took part at the event organized by American Jewish committee. The event was moderated by The Jerusalem Post representative Steve Linde. Lithuanian ambassador during his speech focused on the diplomatic efforts in Lithuania to save Jews from Holocaust, stressing the role played by Japanese and The Dutch diplomats  Chiune Sugihara and Jan Zwartendijk.  

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During the meeting the attendees were introduced to the latest activity of the Lithuanian Jewish community and avenues for the Israeli associations to be more involved in the processes and projects in Lithuania.

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Ambassador Edminas Bagdonas took part at the talk „Our Experiences In Lithuania“ organized by Glenda and Abel Levitt and ESRA (volunteering for the community) in Raanana. Abel and Glenda Levitt shared display of young student Lithuanians and how they use medium of arts to express themselves, the subject being the Holocaust.   


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Ambassador of Lithuania Edminas Bagdonas together with ambassadors of Germany, Greece, Croatia, Portugal and Sweden tokk part in the conference „Shaping the Memory of the Holocaust- Remembering Responsibly“. The event was organized by The Center Organization of Holocaust Survivors in Israel, Yad Vashem and Shalom Hartman Institute.        


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On February 14, the Centennial of the Restoration of the State of Lithuania celebrated in Tel Aviv Museum of Arts. The program brought the special “Woodspirit” music performance to Israel by the Lithuanian accordionist Martynas Levickis.


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